We fund entrepreneurs and businesses that are technology enabled in growth sectors like; Education, Health, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics, Trade/E-commerce, Financial Services and Energy.

We seek businesses at seed onwards with a working prototype (no ideas), at least two (2) founders and can show early revenues or a path to early revenues in the next six (6) months.

Our criteria
The 97 looks for entrepreneurs and businesses that:

Can scale quickly often because they use technology and innovative business models.

Have the ability to create a multiplier of jobs both directly and indirectly.

Have a social impact depending on the problem they are solving.

Provide a clear return on investment to all stakeholders including funders, founding teams, employees and society.

What we offer
We offer flexible and tailored financing and investment forms to suit the markets in which we operate including equity; quasi-equity; convertible notes; debt; and debt with revenue/profit share. For our portfolio companies, we provide ongoing venture support, working with our partners and through a network of experienced subject matter experts, including:

Business strategy

PR and branding

Growth marketing

Leads and Revenue partnerships

Technology, Engineering and Infrastructure

Product development

Fundraising and Investment advisory

Legal, Corporate structuring, Stock planning