Adolfo Cires Alonso

Adolfo is the Finance and Investment Manager at European Mission with more than 20 years experience in the development sector with focus on agribusiness, forestry, climate change, value chain development, SME financing and standards compliance with extensive practical experience in management of organizations and companies: accounting, human resources, marketing, financing, sales and production control. In 2017, Yield Uganda Investment Fund was launched with financing from The European Union (EU), The Yield Fund is an innovative social impact investment fund targeting the missing middle in the investment space of agricultural small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and producer groups in Uganda.


Adolfo has been involved in various Financial Sector Development programmes including; START Facility, TA to Uganda Development Bank, aBi Finance, TA to Uganda bankers Association, Uganda Green Enterprise Financial Accelerator, all supported by the EU in Uganda. He is leading the EU focal point on Policy Dialogue with Uganda Government on Long term capital and Private Equity market development.